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H. Court Young PhotoWelcome!

I am H. Court Young, author, speaker, publisher and geologist. My Mission is to promote awareness through the written word.

My books, eBooks, articles and blogs are written to educate, inform and raise your level of awareness about timely issues in today's world.

I enjoy speaking at local clubs and events about my books and subjects like water, energy, terrorism and mining. If you and your group would be interested in having me speak, please call or email.

Articles, Blogs, Books and eBooks

As you are aware, terrorism, water and energy are frequent topics on TV and radio news and in the newspaper. These are critical issues in America and the world today.

Having worked in both water and energy for the last 20 years, I have watched as the world population has increased while these resources diminish.  Increasing droughts worldwide and fluxuations in the price of energy, especially oil, are excellent indicators.


Writing and Publishing

As an author and publisher, I enjoy hearing and reading the stories of others. We are all unique, with different perspectives on life and our world. We learn about ourselves by reading about and understanding others.

While I love writing about water, energy and terrorism issues, my favorite book is the story of my dad, Herbert T. Young and his "love affair with mining." This story is detailed in my book entitled The Orphan Boy, A Love Affair with Mining. This book tells the story of the development of one small mine in the central Colorado rocky Mountains. The Orphan Boy  Mine started in the late 1880's when the state of Colorado was young. My father reopened the mine after his return from World War II.
Mining brought a large group of Colorado's first pioneers who settled and developed the state. Fortunes were made and lost, often overnight. Wealth was created and a very unique history developed. This book includes:

  • Stories and anecdotes of a miner's diverse and interesting life.
  • History, geology and mining process of other mines in the Montezuma Mining District of Colorado
  • Photographs, maps, reports and historical mining documents on CD-ROM in PDF format
  • Four-wheeling, ATV, hiking and bicycling trails in one of the most spectacular area of the Colorado Rocky Mountains

This book is for the geologist, the historian, the sportsperson and the miner at heart!

The Orphan Boy, A Love Affair with Mining


To Order your copy today for $19.95 plus shipping, please click the order button below (orders via credit card using PayPal):


Droughts are becoming more frequent around the world. Understanding how your water supply system works is your only protection!!!Understanding Water Rights and Conflicts

Understanding Water Rights and Conflicts, Second Edition is a book that explains a very complex subject in simple terms.

With the exception of oxygen, Water is the most critical resource on this planet for human survival.

Yet we continue to use it as if we had an unlimited supply. There is the same amount of water on the Earth as there was when the dinosaurs were alive.

It is critical, and part of our responsibility,  for all of us, as water consumers, to know where our water supply comes from and how to use it in the most effective and efficient manner. The more we know about our water supply infrastructure, the better we can protect this critical, limited resource for ourselves and our families.

So, how are we doing in protecting and conserving this invaluable resource which is critical to our survival? According to a recent American Society of Civil Engineers evaluation of infrastructure components:

"Drinking water, wastewater systems and levees [along with] dams rated [the grade of] D."

 Order your copy of Understanding Water Rights and Conflicts, Second Edition today as a first step in becoming a proactive, responsible water consumer.

You can purchase this informative and critical book today for only $19.95 plus shipping!

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H. Court Young

Promoting Awareness through the Written Word

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